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Dubai born and raised “Ibby VK” is a Pop, Folk, RnB, and Acoustic singer/songwriter, writing songs inspired by personal stories, struggles, and everyday life, as well as addressing topics ranging from your standard ballads and love songs to self-acceptance, his signature break-up songs, and even death.

Ibby VK takes pride in his work ethic and persistence, which helped him pave his way to making a full-time income from music alone. In 2017, he was so focused on kick-starting this music career that he ended up performing at more than 220+ gigs, most of which were not paid, just to get to a point where he could support himself financially, doing the one thing he could do best.

Now that he is an established artist in the Dubai music scene, it is time to take his music to the next level, and try to get into international charts, with success on some streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Anghami, Deezer, Shazam – as well as his single “Where We Belong” accumulating more than 350,000+ streams on Spotify, which is a first for an independent Dubai based singer/songwriter. He has since been interviewed by the likes of “Virgin Radio” in Dubai and was the first artist to be interviewed on “Pulse 95” which is Sharjah’s first English radio station. After writing a song as a collaboration with RedBull, Uber (Careem), and Universal Music MENA, Ibby VK’s most recent song “How To Mend A Broken Heart” is at 50k+ streams after being used on some viral TikTok videos.

Ibby VK however, values his live performances above anything else, as the stage is where he is most in his element. His live shows comprise of a relatively simple setup where all you can see on stage is Ibby VK, his guitar, and a loop pedal, but when mixed with a soulful performance and a lot of crowd engagement, makes for an unforgettable show, leaving the crowd always asking for more. It was definitely engaging enough to get Catriona Grey (Miss Universe 2018) to get up on stage and dance/sing-along at the XAGA 2019 awards in Dubai.

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